Lauri was my advocate.  She knew what I needed when I did not.  She took care of details to leave me stress free so I could dedicate my energy to the birth.  She knew about resources that I would not have even imagined.  She left space for my family to be involved but stepped in when she knew I needed her.  Her knowledge, strength and demeanor made my birthing experience smooth, enjoyable and beautiful.  I would highly recommend Lauri.  My birthing experience would not have been the same without her. Hena


Lauri played an instrumental role in the birth of our son. Within seconds of arriving at our house she was applying counter pressures to help alleviate my discomfort. She made the 30 minute car ride to the hospital bearable with positive affirmations and more counter pressures. She stayed with us for the entire 36 hours at the hospital, her presence kept us calm. She is so experienced she was able to tell my baby was posterior just from feeling my belly. She even suggested exercises to help him turn. Once the baby was out Lauri assisted us with breastfeeding. I would 100% use Lauri again and recommend her to anyone looking for an experienced, hands on Doula–even the LD Nurse commented on what a great job she was doing!     Michelle, Jonathan and Jackson


“We hired Lauri for me. Not my wife. The Bill Belechek of Doulas. Every good quarterback needs a coach. Lauri was my coach.”

“Having Lauri with us through my labour gave me a lot of comfort and helped me to have a wonderful delivery experience. Her knowledge, experience and calm demeanour helped me to feel confident and remain calm. Her pain management techniques helped me tremendously. I would highly recommend her to any expectant mother.”

“Lauri Mark is an extraordinary doula. We’re so glad she could be with us for the birth of our daughter. Her calm presence and wisdom were essential to our positive birth experience.
”   Matt, Kate and Audrey



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